2013 Season started

A few boats fished alleady the last week and some marlin were caught, not quite hot but some fish around.
The water is not best quality these days, some green water everywhere. Hope that will change this week as we start fishing too.

E Voilà: Grander number 12!

… released thursday August 16th. Angler: Wim Moens from Holland. The fish struck on the drop-off right in front of Mindelo. The fight lasted 55 mins & the fish was caught on a Hayes Enki.

Grander 12

Grander number 12

Grander-2 16-08-12

Grander-3 16-08-12


Here we go: Number eleven – Blue Marlin 1222 lbs Super Grander

We hooked up about 17.00 (Angler: Alexander Trukhachev) when we were on our way back from the Noreste Bank to Tarrafal, St. Antão; actually in the deep three & a half miles from the north west point of the island. A perfect day to fight a beast – beautiful blue water & flat calm. The fish hit a Bonze Mongrel Dog on the short corner. That’s a double for Bonze too. The fish took just over 40 minutes to gaff with fortune smiling on us since the hook pulled just as Tony put the gaff in. Tutu wired the fish the first time he took the leader, so the fish never had a real chance to go deep. It was dark before we got to Tarrafal so we left the fish on the beach until we could weigh it the following morning. Finally hoisted it about 09.00 on account of having to find the right tree. Lucky that Bebiche had scales. We have some nice video footage as well. (online ASAP)

10th Grander for the Happy Hooker I

And finally: The Happy Hooker 1 weighed in its 10th Grander on 27th June. Capt. Simon Bracey put angler Chris Lyle on the fish which struck at 1030 on a Bonze ‘Grimmel’ lure rigged with a single hook. The fish was caught in the deep water off the point of St. Antão & fought for about 3 hours before succumbing to the gaff. The fish weighed in at 1,017 lbs. There are some big ones about – HH1 released a fish the following day around the 750 mark. It’s Cape Verde’s first »official« (weighed) grander so far this season. A shame it couldn’t have been on the 4th of July. No complaints, you can’t have it all!

Grander 1017lbs 1Grander 1017lbs 2Grander 1017lbs 3

This years fishing

Hello everybody, as I will have our last charters for this year very soon, captain Jose is already back in Spain, captain Simon is just gone too, and I will be off for some hunting in mid october, I was thinking about to write a short report about this years fishing in march. Continue reading

Up to 900 lbs

Hello everybody, first of all the fishing was fantastic again from february on. up to ten blues were caught while the best fishing happened to be at San Nicolao’s south bank. Beginning of may we had a few days a little slack in the numbers of fish but some quite big ones were caught with up to 900 lbs. Continue reading

1097-pounder takes World Cup

For the third time in the 26 year history of the World Cup Blue Marlin Championship (World Cup), a grander marlin won the event. In the unique World Cup, only 1 team wins the prize. There is no second place in the 1 day world wide tournament which takes place on the fourth of July annually. The winning team fishing aboard the Happy Hooker Continue reading