Berno did it again

For the second time since 2006 Captain Berno won the Blue Marlin Worldcup:

Hey, thanks so much everybody !!! Vielen Dank an alle !!! That have been very scary hours for us with of course tons of beers and everybody involved in fishing here around us to wait until the final minute when boats at hawaii stopped fishing !!

Guess Chris and me wrote history, hard to beat! Nobody ever done it before in 26 years of 4th july world championship to win twice with the same team and same boat.

Thanks old »HAPPY HOOKER« !!

And let me send a big THANKS to my local crew; TONI, my old boy who stays with us for 12 years as mate allready and TUTU, who worked with me first time this year. both have done a more than perfect job yesterday! TONI never dropped the leader, even when that fish jumped, all on video! And TUTU setting the gaffs as a professional!! It could not have been better done, both are worldclass crew !!!!!