Marlin still around

Well, marlin were and are still around, but funny to watch how the luck goes around. Nowadays there are an average of 8 to 10 boats fishing the same area and some boats catching up to 8 blues a day and some don’t even see one! Anyhow, we had to cancel two days due to extremely strong winds and bad sea conditions, but over all the wheather has been fantastic until now. The big run of marlin so far has been somewhat slow compared to the last three years in may, but still everybody caught some nice fish, so nobody can blame. And again the last two fullmoons produced fantastic fishing, and I really wondered why nobody claimed the “bad” fullmoon fishing ??????!!!!! Additionally 3 thunas were caught allready and Simon and me caught 4 or 5 dorados for some sashimi and excellent dinner. Also spearfish and some good size wahoos over 20 kg were caught. Biggest blue marlin so far were called ~850 lbs. Plenty of double, triple and quadriple headers were hooked!

If you still want to go jigging for the big amberjacks, we have some dates free in august and september for lower prices.