Unusual calm seas

Fishing was just great since beginning of april with unusal calm seas for this month! Okay, some days have been quite and it was hard to find a blue, but all over we had some great marlin fishing. I decided to go to San Nicol√£o for a three days trip as some boats have seen up to 10 blues a day there! On arrival first day we only fished for another 1 1/2 hours and had one strike but no hook up that late afternoon. Another boat caught 6 out of 11 that day. Next day we ended up like 2 for 7, around 300 to 350 lbs and the day after there were no more fish on the bank so we decided to go back to Sao Vicente as Simon didn’t see that many fish but caught daily quite better sizes over 400 lbs. On the way we caught one in the deep of 400 lbs and another one at San Pedro bank. Next days we had new clients from Germany and that 5 days fishing we ended up 4 for 6. One 350, a 550, a 600 and a 650 lbs, most all on bonze lures. Simon just caught the biggest blue so far this year, he called it carefully 750, but crew and clients called that one 800 lbs.