Tag and Release

Stop Longline Over-Fishing!

Longliner with Marlin

Stop Longline Over-Fishing – Before it’s too late!

Fact: Longline vessels account for at least 90% of billfish mortality in the Atlantic ocean.
Fact: Blue and white marlin populations in the Atlantic have been reduced to less than 25% of the level needed to produce healthy stocks. With decades of similar pressure in the Pacific the statistics may be shockingly similar.
Fact: In the past decade, sport fishermen have voluntarily embraced catch and release fishing for billfish, promoting conservation.
Fact: Sound management demands sound science. For information on how you can help stop longline over-fishing, contact The Billfish Foundation today.

The Billfish Foundation maintains the largest private tagging program for billfish, worldwide. By participating in billfish tagging, you play a vital role in gathering much needed scientific information — information that can only be gained through your voluntary support.

Please tag and release the billfish you catch.

Act now — for the future.