Speed Jigging

Over the last decade or so speed jigging has become increasingly popular worldwide. During the last 3 years we have had some spectacular results with this technique due in part to the rugged volcanic topography of the seabed. Our advice is to come later in the season when the seas are calmer. A slow controlled drift is a necessity for jigging. We are commonly fishing depths of 50-80m so bring some Red Bull!

Amberjack are the main quarry and we frequently catch fish of 40+ kg, though they attain weights here of 80kg. You might be one of the lucky ones and boat one of these monsters. Jigs are devastating on other species too: tuna, wahoo, dorado, numerous species of jack, and grouper all fall prey to your jigs.

We have top flight equipment from Shimano paired with beefy rods. You are welcome to bring your own tackle (especially jigs) but it is best to avoid the lighter stuff. Jigs of less than 300g are not much use in the deeper water as they sink too slowly.

Check out our photo gallery for some of our recent catches. There is also some video footage on YouTube: