Captain of the year

Hello everybody, I’m more than proud to inform you about the next TBF captain-trophy winner for most tagged and released atlantic Blue Marlin in 2008: Captain Bonze, fishing on Happy Hooker 1! He is the third of the Happy Hooker fishing team after Captain Simon and myself, to win that trophy! Our very best congratulations to him! Here is what the TBF sent him a day ago: Continue reading

The biggest Amberjack

Hello everybody, a Happy New Year and plenty of fish for this year! After a very successful marlin-catching year 2008, with catches up to ten blues a day per boat, we are looking forward for the coming season 2009. Still working on both Hookers, repaintings, overhauls and maintainces, we are quite busy these days. Capt. Simon and capt. Bonze will be back again very soon to take you out to catch your fish(es), both have caught far over 100 blues last year and are already hot to see what this year will bring us! Due that the fuel prices didn’t go down here, we had to raise prices, but that shouldn’t worry you. For that we will offer special charter rates for speed-jigging for august and september with capt. Simon, who showed everybody the last two years that we don’t have only marlin to catch. The biggest amberjacks were caught wheighting in at ~ 50 kg, and some better ones lost after long and hard fights … So when will he come back with one of 80 kg ? As we have seen them already beeing caught by pros here ? We still have some weeks for charter in the hot period, so don’t think that long and book now to make sure you won’t miss the hot bite!

Some fantastic days

Marlin fishing was a bit slow the last week / 10 days, with only few fish seen and caught, and no more thunas either, but the sailfish are already here and three were caught so far trawling for Marlin. As everybody here is completely spoiled seeing that many marlin, I just want to mention; I would call that fair or normal blue marlin fishing anywhere else in the world!
So Capt. Simon tried something else in calm seas, Continue reading

Sashimi time

Fishing is a little bit slower the last days compared to the number of marlin being caught the past weeks, but some big blues between 750 and 900 lbs were caught. Capt. Bonze caught another yellowfin thuna of 130 lbs which made an excellent sashimi for us.

Hunting the surface

Yesterday Simon came back to Marina Mindelo with 3 marlin and one wahoo flag flying. Bonze caught 2 blues and a 50 kg yellowfin thuna. Still lots of marlin around and thunas been seen hunting the surface.

10+ Marlin bites a day

Fishing is still HOT HOT HOT!!! Boats having up to 10+ marlin bites a day with always some fish over 600 lbs up to 900 lbs with them! Capt. Simon caught the first white marlin the other day for this year. Capt. Bonze is close to 100 caught Blues, only 3 missing! And this morning he caught allready 2 in just two hours fishing …

Caught 10 for 12

Boats still raising up to 12+ blues a day in the south of São Vicente. The first two grander size blues were lost already, one on the leader and another one died and dove deep before the line broke. The fishing is still absolutely unbelievable fantastic with boats flying several T-flags every day. Continue reading

Caught one of 600 lbs yesterday

The strong winds the last days are back down to normal, the sea is dark clean blue and boats raising up to 11 blues a day in the south of Sao Vicente. Simon caught one of 600 lbs yesterday just outside Mindelo harbour and pulled the hooks on another 2. Today he caught 3 for 4, one of 450 lbs and two smaller ones. Bonze had a triple on and caught 2 of them. A total of 4 strikes he ended up with 3 caught: one of 750 lbs, one of 500 lbs and the third of 250 lbs.

113 kg Big-Eye Thuna

Last weeks fishing the fleet had good action out there and caught marlin up to 800 lbs ! Capt. bonze had a rare catch for cape verde apart from marlin; he caught a 113 kg Big-Eye Thuna on one of his lures !  Last three days the fishing was slow, maybe due to the very strong winds, for two days all boats came back early as it was impossible to keep on fishing in those sea conditions. And captain simon is back, so the crew is complete again. We still have some weeks free in july, august and september …

The Blues were back

Hi, due to the water around San Nicolão turned into a dirty green, the fishing turned into slow for the whole fleet fishing there after some really fantastic days too. I’ve made a round on Happy Hooker 2 on saturday here out of São Vicente and tried the north first: Blue water, little wind and baitfish, but couldn’t find a blue, so I decided to go down to the south and have a look there. Same conditions, blue water, baitfish, skippies and birds, but the only small fish was raised was by Zak coming back from San Nicolão that afternoon. Less Ferdy and Bonze, the fleet came back on saturday and when they headed out to São Vicente’s south on sunday, the blues were back! Zak went 4 for 5 on blues and caught a spearfish too, Calu went 1 for 3. So Ferdy and Bonze came back as quick as possible and yesterday every boat caught at least one blue. Today only Ferdy and Bonze are fishing and I could talk to Bonze on Happy Hooker 1 early before I went home and he was allready 1 for 1, and that was around 10.30 o’clock !
Tight lines, Berno