1097-pounder takes World Cup

For the third time in the 26 year history of the World Cup Blue Marlin Championship (World Cup), a grander marlin won the event. In the unique World Cup, only 1 team wins the prize. There is no second place in the 1 day world wide tournament which takes place on the fourth of July annually. The winning team fishing aboard the Happy Hooker Continue reading

Berno did it again

For the second time since 2006 Captain Berno won the Blue Marlin Worldcup:

Hey, thanks so much everybody !!! Vielen Dank an alle !!! That have been very scary hours for us with of course tons of beers and everybody involved in fishing here Continue reading

Unusual calm seas

Fishing was just great since beginning of april with unusal calm seas for this month! Okay, some days have been quite and it was hard to find a blue, but all over we had some great marlin fishing. I decided to go to San Nicolão for a three days trip Continue reading

Happy New Year

01.01.2010 A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all ! We had the next reason to party as we were just informed by “The BILLFISH FOUNDATION“ that CAPT. BONZE won his second Title for “Captain of the year 2009 in the Atlantic“ for most ATl. Blue Marlin releases !!! Our Compliments and well done Bonze !

2 triple-headers

The fishing during april until now was full of highs and some downs between. Capt. Bonze had one day when he caught 10 blues again! As well as Capt. Simons best day was 6 releases so far and he managed to catch already 2 triple-headers! Even when we’ve seen some days without flags on the riggers, the fishing is consistently good. So far there are allmost no thunas caught this year, but we all hope that that will change soon. There are also some new pics on our photo-page, check out.

Hundreds of lures

The Happy Hooker fishing team is complete by now, Captain Bonze is also back and ready to go for the 2009 season. He brought hundreds of his lures and his new models look very promising ! The fishing is hot by now; all boats are catching Blues and some good sizes with them up to 800 lbs ! Even the hoo’s are around in good numbers. We still have some days free in june, one of the hottest period for marlin, so don’t think too long and ask for possibilities!