Some fantastic days

Marlin fishing was a bit slow the last week / 10 days, with only few fish seen and caught, and no more thunas either, but the sailfish are already here and three were caught so far trawling for Marlin. As everybody here is completely spoiled seeing that many marlin, I just want to mention; I would call that fair or normal blue marlin fishing anywhere else in the world!
So Capt. Simon tried something else in calm seas, he went speed-jigging with his italian

group and they had some fantastic days; they caught plenty of Amberjacks, biggest so far 36 kg but lost some bigger fish due to they don’t fish stronger lines. So we will work on that ! Additionally they caught Horse-Eye-Jacks up to 12 kg, Black-Jacks up to 15 kg, Grouper up to 10 kg, Wahoos and some smaller size bottom fish! Anyhow, all very hard fighting fish ! Anybody interested in exploring more jigging ? We still have two weeks free in august, in calm waters, from 16th to 31st of august. Send me a mail and i will give you a special price for that time. tight lines, berno