Capeverdian marlin days

Sunday was one of »these« capeverdian marlin days: Three boats fishing saw a total of 23(!) Blues in the spread ! Bibiche: 3 for 7. Simon Happy Hooker 2: 2 for 6 ( 600 & 450 lbs ). Berno Happy Hooker 1: 2 for 10.

Marlin jumped over the line

Last week we didn’t fish, but two boats caught up to 4 blues on the best day. Friday we started fishing: Last four days were quite slow for here, first day we had 4 marlin bites, but none stuck to the hooks, and a fifth marlin we had up that never bite. Next three days was only wahoo, no more marlin seen … Today we caught one of approx. 400 lbs and released him, than we had a double-header on, but unfortunately one marlin jumped over the line of the other marlin and cut the line and even more unfortunately the second marlin pulled the hooks.